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I have an MVC app using NHibernate.

I created a model and tried to insert data into the db for the first time with NHibernate, so please go easy.

I get this error on the session.Save(object);

IndexOutOfRangeException was unhandled by user code

Invalid index 8 for this SqlParameterCollection with Count=8.

When I look at the data in the object using watch window all seems ok and also collections are inittialized.

Using SQL 2005.

Any ideas why this may be occurring please?


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I have had the same problem using NHibernate myself, the problem in my case was in the mapping. On my associations I have mapped a property containing the associated entity, and also a property with the association ID only.

The solution in my case was to add update="false" insert="false" to my mapping of the property containing the ID. Like this:

<property name="AssociationId" column="AssociationColumnName" update="false" insert="false" />
<many-to-one name="Association" column="AssociationColumnName" property-ref="Id" not-null="false" />
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I've ran into that error as well a few times, since it occurs very rarely, I have specifically caught the exception and wrote a reminder in the log for myself –  Miki Watts Dec 9 '10 at 20:18
wow! stackoverflow + fredrik ftw! thanks for saving me a ton of time on this issue. –  joel truher Aug 16 '12 at 22:02

Guys if you are getting this Check the mapping file, i got the same Error and i had two propertise mapped to the same column, i know the answer is pretty late this is for the users who come in looking for answers for the same question.

Note: this might not be the only reason, anyways mine was due to this.

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Does one of these links help?




If not, you'll have to post your mapping to get additional advice.

I suggest troubleshooting this by first isolating the insert into a unit test.

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