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So I'm having trouble getting the terminal to recognize a file that I think I'm saving correctly using Aquamacs... This is what I'm doing:

First I "find" a file with the name I need, then I change the buffer to C++ mode (otherwise I don't get the colors in the words), then I type everything in, and save it (typing C-x C-s), I do this twice until it reads (No changes need to be saved) or something like that. Then, when I go to the terminal, I type in "g++ -Wall -c filename.cpp" and it says, "No such file or directory" and "No input files"...

It's a really simple program, it's for my introductory class, I'm clueless, please help! Thank you!! :)

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Can you see the file you are trying to compile in the terminal? Maybe you are just in the wrong folder. –  Aabaz Sep 15 '11 at 14:58
Yeah, I mean, I can go to finder and open up the file, it just opens up in a little window, but doesn't have the usual colorful words, all the text is in black... and the icon for the file (in finder) looks just like a blank page. Maybe I'm not using Aquamacs the right way... and not saving it in the right format, I don't know :( –  Andrea Sep 15 '11 at 15:09

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