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System.arraycopy getting ava.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.. I am trying to copy data from one array to the next. but I am getting a exception

private String array[] = { "NO DATA YET" };

 private void setListData()
        String array2[] = { "Iphone", "Tutorials", "Gallery", "Android",    "item 1", "item 2", "item3", "item 4" };
        System.arraycopy(array2, 0, array, 0, array2.length);
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You're trying to copy 8 items into an array of length 1. You can't do that.

From the documentation:

Otherwise, if any of the following is true, an IndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown and the destination is not modified:

  • The srcPos argument is negative.
  • The destPos argument is negative.
  • The length argument is negative.
  • srcPos+length is greater than src.length, the length of the source array.
  • destPos+length is greater than dest.length, the length of the destination array.

In this case, destPos + length is 8, and dest.length is 1, hence the exception is being thrown.

Note that arrays in Java have a fixed length. If you want an expandable container, look at ArrayList.

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Thank you sir @Jon Skeet, for this documentation answer – Kushal Apr 24 '15 at 12:56

Because the length of array is 1.

The declaration array[] = { "NO DATA YET" }; creates an array of length 1 with one item in it.

Instead declare destination array as:

private String array[] = new String[8];
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array only has a length of 1 and you're trying to copy 8 things into it from array2. Try using an ArrayList or something that will grow as you need it to grow.

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