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In Drupal 6, I'm using the Views Custom Field module to insert some php into my View. The helper text in the php CustomField reads:

$data: contains the retrieved record from the database (e.g. $data->nid).

Okay... seems pretty straightforward. So, I have a custom field named field_short_title that's being output in the view. Now how do I pull that value out of the $data variable? I've tried the following, but no luck:




Surely this is just some kind of Drupal syntax error on my part... right?

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Ahh... I used <?php print_r ($data) ?> to see what's going on with that $data variable. Here's what I was looking for:


So the whole thing looks like this:

<?php echo $data->node_data_field_short_title_field_short_title_value ?>

Intuitive, isn't it? Sigh...

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Use print_r($data) It will shows all view field machine name, You can use that name in your PHP code Now you can get view field values where ever you want..

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