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I'm working in mvc3 and did this thing to change the language by url address (it work great):

var urlString = window.location.host;   //the url with localhost:XXX only -and if it changes it will adjust itself 

var Lang = $(this)[0].value;            //en or fr
window.location = "http://" + urlString + "/" + Lang;

but now I have a serious problem: window.location - refreshes the page, and the $(this)[0].value - returns to be as the beginning. for example if I change the combobox from "english" to "french", the language does change to french (coz the url isnt refreshed), but in the combobox, the selected field is "english" again and I cant change it because all the page is refreshed. so...is anybody can tell me what to do??

thank in advance.

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In your controller, I guess you're passing in the language as a parameter, set the selected value of your dropdown to the language passed in so that when the page is loaded the value is set and the correct item is selected.

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If this is a refresh it is a complete reload of the page so you need to save state. Either investigate html 5's local storage (limited browser support) http://www.w3schools.com/html5/html5_webstorage.asp

or when its selected save it in a preference cookie in javascript. The code is already mostly written for you here - you'll just need to read it on page load and save it when the combo box changes.

Javascript remember combobox value

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