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I want to add an HTML P tag to a UIWebview, and when I do so I'd like the Accessibility feature, if it is enabled, to automatically read aloud the new text that is in the P tag.

Is such a thing possible?


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This is indeed possible, but not consistently implemented on iOS.

Use live region markup like:




If the parent DOM element has live region markup attributes on it, then adding text content to a child will speak it as it is added.

Placing a role="alert" on the structure your adding will cause the screen reader to say "alert", followed by the text contained in the structure your adding.

See the following for more on live regions:

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I don't believe this can be done. The only way I could think to do this would be with WAI-ARIA live regions. It does not appear that Voiceover supports live regions since the following WAI-Aria demo worked fine in firefox using Jaws as the screen reading software but did not work on iOS 4.3.5 using voiceover on an iphone 4. http://test.cita.uiuc.edu/aria/live/live4.php

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