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I have added a control to eclipse as below

<extension point="org.eclipse.ui.menus">
<menuContribution locationURI="toolbar:org.eclipse.ui.main.toolbar">
 <toolbar id="my.toolbar">

I also created a class DebugDayMenu

public class DebugDayMenu extends WorkbenchWindowControlContribution{...

I now want to access this control in another place but when I try to do so using this code below, it results in a class cast exception

IContributionItem toolbar = coolBarManager.find("my.toolbar");
IToolBarManager toolbarManager=((ToolBarContributionItem2)toolbar).getToolBarManager();
WorkbenchWindowControlContribution dayMenu= (WorkbenchWindowControlContribution) toolbarManager.find("my.yearmenu");

dayMenu is instanceof DynamicToolBarContributionItem and NOT WorkbenchWindowControlContribution ? Furthermore the control is embedded in a private field in DynamicToolBarContributionItem with no public accessor method

Is there a better way to do this or am I misunderstanding something?

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Normally, you would solve this in createControl() method of your contribution either by accessing necessary information or by adding itself as a listener of some sort.

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