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Where are Rake tasks such as :environment defined? Is there something lighter than :environment which could give me access to the ActiveRecord subclasses, from a Rake task?

I am trying to get a list of models, in a Rake task. This is what I have:

namespace :mine do
    namespace :ar do
        desc "my custom"
        task :show_sub => [:environment] do
            puts "Total:#{ActiveRecord::Base.descendants}"
            ActiveRecord::Base.descendants.each do |cls|
                puts cls

However, all I ever get is [], though I have 3 models defined.

EDIT: I am using Rails 3.1.

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The most lightweight way I can imagine to accomplish this is to write the rake task that iterates through all .rb files in the current directory, and sub-directories inside your project (in case you have them stashed somewhere weird), and simply outputs the number of files containing the string < ActiveRecord::Base (spaces being optional, of course).

One regex pattern that matches this is:


...so it only matches lines that include an explicit class declaration, that don't start with a hash # mark (i.e. so it's not a comment)

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True, it's a fast results approach, but as soon as you have a comment like < ActiveRecord::Base you can go wrong. I know, it's not a big chance of something like this existing in code, but I want results guaranteed :). –  Geo Sep 15 '11 at 18:15
Okay, but then you just need to refine the pattern a bit (which I've done) to not match lines that have ActiveRecord::Base behind a hash mark (which indicates a comment). Regex is easily powerful enough to solve this problem, and is going to be much faster than trying to pare down the environment to only get ActiveRecord and whatever its dependencies are. –  jefflunt Sep 15 '11 at 18:19

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