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I'm new with Azure.

I used publishing from Visual Studio to deploy my project for a month. Today I tried to deploy my project to Staging, waited for 20 minutes "Creating..." status and pressed cancel. But the staging deployment is not deleting for 2 hours - it is still in the "Creating..." status. Hence, the delete button is disabled in the Management Portal, I cannot also republish the deployment. On health status I see:

WARNING: While one or more of your deployments is suspended, it continues to accrue charges. Please delete the suspended deployment if you no longer wish to be charged for it. For more details visit .

How to delete or republish the deployment?

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We've experienced this issue on very rare occasions. It is apparently an issue with the fabric when a certain combination of failures happen tearing down an existing role.

To resolve it we've raised a ticket with the Azure Service Desk and they've usually pretty quickly gotten to the bottom of the issue, given the role a quick reset behind the scenes and then you can delete it / redeploy or whatever you were trying to do in the first place.

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The problem was related with unavailability of Windows Azure Compute.

If you have the same problem, go to Azure service dashboard that is available here:

NB: If you even see "Performance degradation" status it can also indicate to unavailability of service.

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