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I am creating a simple tester page to test some other functions within my website. I can't get it to run. What am I doing wrong?

    <a href="#" id="addItem">Add item to cart</a>
    $('#addItem').click(funtion(){  /* Expected '(' or ',' */
           'SystemCodeId=WB&SystemKey1=123456&SystemKey2=123ABC&Cost=25.01&TransactionType=1&Description=This is a test',
           function (data) {
    }); /* Expected expressions */

Visual Studio keeps thinking there is a syntax error. I don't doubt it, but I can't figure out where the problem is. The comments are the errors that visual studio is reporting.

Firebug won't recognize the script either (doesn't show in the scripts tab). So I know there is a problem some where.

Note: I am using HTML5.

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funtion -> function in line 5. also to go to the root of your site i would use window.location =

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Oops! $('#addItem').click(funtion(){ => $('#addItem').click(function () {. The reason for the URL is to switch to a different visual studio project. – Mike Wills Sep 15 '11 at 14:56

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