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i have this code:

require 'java'
require 'iText-5.0.6.jar'

module Pdf
  include_package "com.itextpdf.text.pdf"
  include_package ""

  def self.write
    reader ='application.pdf');
    stamper =,'completed.pdf'))
    form = stamper.acro_fields
    puts "Form has these fields: #{form.fields.key_set.to_a}"
    form.set_field("some_zipcode_field", "94115")


in jRuby and i want to translate to Ruby, using rjb

anyone nows how can i do that?

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for those that still dont understand... i cant use jruby on production, thats why i need RJB to use jruby code. but i dont now how to do that... – Nicos Karalis Sep 18 '11 at 19:34
What are the barriers to getting jruby in production? :) – Mark Thomas Sep 28 '11 at 1:53
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It's possible to use libraries like iText from regular Ruby via "RJB", the Ruby-Java bridge. I do not know the proper sequence of calls in RJB to make that happen, but it is possible and I know of folks doing it.

An alternative would be to use the pure-Ruby "prawn" library, which would work the same on both JRuby and Ruby

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ive tried prawn at first, but prawn doesnt allow me to create a pdf from a template, thats why im using iText – Nicos Karalis Sep 15 '11 at 17:23
And besides I want to fill a PDF form, which, using prawn I did not found any way of how to do it. – Nicos Karalis Sep 18 '11 at 19:38

If you're using a Java library like iText then you can't. You'll need to modify the code to use a different PDF library in order for it to work in C Ruby.

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Obviously, the rjb site will help with more specifics RJB. Unfortunately, I don't think it covers all of its features.

I don't think you can load whole packages in RJB, but since you are only using a handful of classes you can do individual imports:

JString = Rjb::import('java.lang.String')

I also think Rjb does not have all the shortcut aliases for Java methods so you may end up needing to setField instead of set_field or field=. I am not an Rjb user, but I would really like to collaborate with Rjb to make our two syntaxes more compatible. [note: You might want to challenge this advice when you get Rjb set up...I just have never seen an example with the shortcuts in them]

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