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I asked a question the other day but I think I was trying to ask too much with one question and went about it the wrong way.

On the Index page I have an Actionlink within a For loop to generate many links

@Html.ActionLink(alpha.Chars(i), "Index", New With {.alpha = alpha.Chars(i)})

The routevalues are the third parameter, and this effectively passes a filtering character back to the Index action with a URL such as: http://mysite/Documents?alpha=A

On the same page I have a Webgrid which features column sorting. The links on the columns seem to pickup the alpha string in the url fine. When a column is clicked, the URL generated for example: http://mysite/Documents?alpha=A& The sorting on the table is maintaining any existing parameters in the URL before it submits it's own.

If I was to click on the column to sort it, then click on my Alpha link, the column sort parameters would be removed from the URL. How can I capture any parameters on the URL (anything after the ?) and ensure I include those in my alpha link?

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I found a similar solution to passing url request values in actionlink:

MVC ActionLink add all (optional) paramters from current url

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