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Im working on an MVC 3.0 application using C# code. I have a "Color" table related to "Products" table. The value of each color which is hexadecimal (for example #FFFFFF) is saved in a nvarchar field "value". In my products client section, I have a DropDownList for colors of a specific product. So I need to sort these colors in the dropDownList from lighter to darker... Any help will be appreciated... :)

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Lots of useful information here : stackoverflow.com/questions/596216/… –  Sam Holloway Sep 15 '11 at 17:00
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You can parse the hex code into a number, create a color from it, and get its brightness:

.OrderBy(c => Color.FromArgb(Convert.ToInt32(c.Substring(1), 16)).GetBrightness())
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