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I tried setting the environment variables VIEWER/EDITOR to: '/usr/bin/vim -R', but, I got the error:
Cannot exec vim -R: No such file or directory

Is there a flag in cscope to open up files in read-only mode? Or, can the EDITOR/VIEWER be set to VIM in read-only mode? Thanks in advance!

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this is just a problem with whitespace. The easiest solution is to use view which is usually installed with vim. It is the same as vim -R. Other solutions are just creating simple scripts in your path that simply call vim -R. Create a file with

vim -R $@

then chmod +x and after that you can use this also.

The final option would be to try 'usr/bin/vim -R' without the quotes.

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Just type 'export CSCOPE_EDITOR=view' in gnome-terminal and then do cscope -R : It will open cscope in read-only mode

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