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I want to take this string "John Doe and Eli Manning", and using split() on the String to store the elements of the array into variables.

I already know how to do the first part

String str = "John Doe and Eli Manning"; 
String tokens[] = str.split("and");

Now I have an array ["Kevin Suffredini", "Eli Manning"]. I want to set those two elements into separate variables that I can use. What is the syntax for this?

something like?? :

String person1 = ...arg[0];
String person2 = ...arg[1];
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Well it'd be String person1 = tokens[0]; not arg[0]. –  Tony Sep 15 '11 at 18:02
Actually, you'd have John Doe and Eli Manning. :D –  mrkhrts Sep 15 '11 at 18:20

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Use the tokens array you defined, like

String p1 = tokens[0];
String p2 = tokens[1];

You probably want to make sure your tokens array has 2 items in it.

Also, you can't dynamically create variables if you can have an arbitrary amount tokens, but you can loop over tokens and get each String in the array.

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