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I'm using Sublime Text 2, and I want to be able to compile and run Java Files with one button.

When running Windows, the Batch file Required is:

cd %~dp1
javac %~nx1
java %~n1

I'm wondering what that would look like in a Shell Script, cause I don't know much about Shell Scripts...

I'm using the Open JDK and JRE in case it matters.

Thanks for the help,


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The bash equivalent to that script would be something like:

cd "$(dirname "$1")"
javac "$(basename "$1")"
java "$(basename "$1" ".${1##*.}")"
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A shell script would STILL require running a batch file to start it. For example, you could write a Ant task that could do what you are asking, or perhaps a Beanshell script. But, you still wont be able to avoid making a batch file that launches it. The batch file that you are using now is as close as you'll get to a single click solution. Not even a PowerShell script would give you better convenience.

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Will Sublime be able to run a batch file in Ubuntu? –  Kelan Poten-Coyle Sep 15 '11 at 18:45

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