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I've written a helper for my user model in user_helper.rb

module UserHelper
  def get_array_of_names_and_user_ids
    User.all(&:first_name) +

Unfortunately when I type in

 <div class="field">
        <%= f.label :assignee, "Assigned to" %>
        <%= select(:task, :assignee_id, User.get_array_of_names_and_user_ids )%>

It can't see it. Where am I going wrong? I'm using devise.

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You're close. The helper doesn't become a class method like that -- it becomes accessible as a method in your views. Just simply call get_array_of_names_and_user_ids.

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Helpers are for views not for model. For model you should define class methods in User model

class User
  def self.get_array_of_names_and_user_ids
    User.all(&:first_name) +
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You don't need to hand code this helper as Rails provides a helper called collection_select for this purpose.

In your view simply add this:

<%= collection_select(:task, :assignee_id, User.all, :id, :first_name, 
   :prompt => true) %>


I am assuming you have a small set of users in your DB(<30). Otherwise, you have to use some other control to select users.

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Helpers are methods that can be called in the view, not methods to be called on the model Just call get_array_of_names_and_user_ids

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