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I have been tasked with building a website to allow my client to provide an accomodation booking system for foreign students.

Basic process is as follows: 1. Host families register on site. 2. Local language school posts task/project/requirement for a family to host 1 or more students for a period (days/weeks) on specific dates. 3. Family (or families) bid/request to host student/s 4. School selects/elects family who 'wins' the task/project/requirement 5. The dates on their availability calendar are blocked out

In addition to this the school would need to be able to search for available families if no family bids or if a host family cancels.

I am keen to build this in an open source environment and am considering Joomla or Drupal as I have a little experience with both.

Any advice on which system or framework and/or plugins or modules which could achieve this type of functionality with minimal customisation/coding (due to client's budget constraints) would be most appreciated.

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I've built a few of these types of things with Drupal now, with Drupal 6 it's a bit of a nightmare and had to be coded almost from scratch; for Drupal 7 there's the new Drupal Rooms effort which now has a release out. The release is only in development but it was built for exactly what you're trying to do, my best advice would be to install a copy of Drupal 7, install the Drupal Rooms module and see if it does everything you need.

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Would you recommend using Drupal Commons as each family will need a profile and there may be a community/social element to the website? –  sr83 Sep 16 '11 at 13:11

With Joomla you could use Fabrik, which is basically a toolkit for generating forms as well as data views (tables, or "visualizations" like calendars) from your MySQL database. Although it is categorized as a "Contacts and Feedback Forms" extension, it is more accurately described as an database application builder. It is quite sophisticated, and can certainly do what you describe, however the learning curve is fairly steep (the reviews on the Joomla site attest to this).

The extension is free, however you do have to purchase a subscription for some of the more interesting plugins, and to gain access to better levels of support on their forum.

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Thanks for the info. I had not heard of Fabrik but it seems that it can be used with Community Builder and Community ACL which could be a solution. –  sr83 Sep 16 '11 at 13:14

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