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Hi I run a Build system for the company i work for...

Currently I am using a dictionary function to take the name of the msi that is produced by the builds and renaming to the naming convention decided up for that release.

def Rename_MSI(dict):
    global Src_Dir
    for msi in dict.keys():
        if os.path.exists(Src_Dir + "\\" + msi):
            print "renaming ", msi, "to ", dict[msi]
            os.rename(Src_Dir + "\\" + msi, Src_Dir + "\\" + dict[msi])
            print "Rename function failed", msi, "does not exist"

the name being produced by the teams is becoming standardized as well so I am sure I can do a rename without maintaining a dictionary moving forward. The MSI Name is this as it comes from the build: ProductSolution_x64.msi

I need to add the branding to the beginning Like this Brand_ProductSolution_x64.msi

And the versioning like this: Brand_ProductSolution_10_2_?_x64.msi

I thought about this kind of function but I am not really good with slicing: str[:len(str)-8]

so something like this? newname= % + str + % str[:len(str)-8] % (brand, version)

Thanks in advance for any assistance

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import os

msi = "ProductSolution_x64.msi"

name,arch = os.path.splitext(msi)[0].split('_')    

newname = "%s_%s_%s_%s.msi" %(brand, name, version, arch)

Should work...

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that was great!! it works like a charm. –  user875531 Oct 28 '11 at 20:09
hey one more question ed. I am not familiar with the split you are using I see you are using '_' as the split identifier but what is the [0]? I think i can use this same method butneed to modify that part of the function to work with this other set of msi which have Brand_ProductSolution_x64.msi –  user875531 Oct 28 '11 at 20:12
The [0] means the split is applied to the first part of the splitext call ( in other words the filename without the extension). In this case split will return three elements, so just say: brand,name,arch = ... with the rest being identical to before. –  ed. Oct 31 '11 at 20:23
OK I think i understand it :) thanks so much for the help. If I want all the names to be completely lowercase would this work: newname = string.lower("%s_%s_%s_%s.msi" %(brand, name, version, arch)) I really wish I was more adept at remembering what I can do with strings lol –  user875531 Nov 18 '11 at 0:11

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