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To access our SVN repository I'm using git svn and other team members are using svn.

When they set the needs-lock property it appears that git svn ignores this and allows me to update the files anyway.

Is that accurate?

Also, is it possible to manage the needs-lock property using git svn?

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From git-svn documentation under bugs:

We ignore all SVN properties except svn:executable. Any unhandled properties are logged to $GIT_DIR/svn//unhandled.log

And since svn:needs-lock is a communication to the client saying that the file had to be made read only, you cannot achieve this with git-svn.

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git-svn does not handle this. But you may try to use SubGit instead.

Among other things SubGit handles most of svn:* properties and Git attributes. It also works on the server side, so one may use any Git client to work with Subversion repository.

For more details you may refer to SubGit documentation and comparison with git-svn.

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