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I've read a few posts about how to fix this, to sum it up:

  • Manually create the fbs_* cookie during the first POST request to your app
  • Add a "Start App" link, when the user clicks it Safari lets you set cookies (
  • Create and submit a form client side (

None of that seems to work, I'm questioning whether or not that information is still valid (I'm on Safari 5.0.5). I need to use the fbs cookie to properly authenticate the user on the server side, and this works on every other browser. I can't set any cookies on the initial POST request, and the client-side form submit doesn't work either. Does Safari not let you set third party cookies even on a POST anymore?

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The reason cookies are rejected is a default "third party cookies" policy in Safari.

To properly authenticate the user you better stay away from manual usage of fbs_* cookies placed by Facebook's JS (or any other) SDK and use FB.getSession / FB.getAuthResponse and/or FB.getLoginStatus from JS SDK. On the server side you can use signed_request parameter passed to all Canvas and Page Profile Tab applications.

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