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I have a UIView that I need to resize to half the height of the screen, it works fine in Portrait mode but if I lunch the app with the iPad in landscape the UIView always get the screen portrait size, any ideas how to get the size at launch and after change in orientation?

I try the following but always get protrait where width = 768 and height = 1024

NSLog( @"bounds: %@", NSStringFromCGRect( [UIScreen mainScreen].bounds ) );
NSLog( @"frame: %@", NSStringFromCGRect( [UIScreen mainScreen].applicationFrame ) );
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Try to set property autoresizingMask of your view to UIViewAutoresizingFlexibleTopMargin | UIViewAutoresizingFlexibleHeight | UIViewAutoresizingFlexibleBottomMargin.

Or try to place with its value. After setting this value your view will automatically resize after device rotation.

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