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When using the jquery slider, I would like to change the default color of the selected range from grey to blue.

$(document).ready(function () {

            var slider = $('.slider').slider({
                range: "min",
                min: 0,
                max: 100,
                change: function (e, ui) {
                    //                    $("#img1").fadeOut();
                    //                    alert("done");
                slide: function (e, ui) {
                    var point = ui.value;
                    var width = 100 - point;
                   $("#range").css({ "width": point + "%" });


my html:

        Min: <span id="selected_value">0</span><br />

        <div class="slider"><div id="range"></div></div>

and my css:

    top: 0;
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Is this for just one slider or all your sliders? Did you check the themeroller (if it's for all)? –  Gazillion Sep 15 '11 at 20:08

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You need to specify this with CSS:

div.ui-slider-range.ui-widget-header {
    background: blue;

If you only want to target a subset of your sliders, restrict the selector accordingly.

See it in action.

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.ui-widget-content { background: #FFCCCC; }
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