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I am generating a .pdf report from a cold fusion program. The report is fine but I always get an extra blank page at the beginning. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong or missing?

<cfdocument format='pdf'>
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What other code is involved in your PDF generation? –  Dan Short Sep 15 '11 at 21:03
cfdocumentsection "..forces a page break so that each section starts on a new page". So depending on its placement, you could be creating a blank page unintentionally. –  Leigh Sep 20 '11 at 17:33

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This is just me thinking out loud but you could create your PDF and store it to a temp location, then run a CFPDF function to trim the first page.

 action = "deletepages"
 pages = "1"
 source = "/temp/#yourPDF#.pdf"
 overwrite = "yes"
destination = "pdfFolder/#yourPDF#.pdg">

Something like that?

UPDATE: Just noticed how old this question is. I think the real answer would be something like: Stop using ColdFusion. Either way, if anyone ever has this problem in the future I hope it helps.

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