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I was wondering if anyone had any advice for encoding a user uploaded .wav file to a .mp3 extension. I would like to build a PHP solution if possible. Can I call the command line LAME encoder via PHP once a file has been uploaded? Is there a better option?


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Go ahead and call LAME. No chance of a better option existing, even more so if you take the encoder quality into account.

The easiest way to call into an external binary is exec, while for the best integration over the encoding process you might want to use proc_open.

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I wrote a wrapper for LAME that provides convenient interface to encode wav file(s). The library is available here:

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I do this, I downloaded and installed ffmpeg with libmp3lame.

In your code do this:

$commandOutput = shell_exec('ffmpeg (or path to your ffmpeg file) -i file.wav file.mp3')
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