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A CodeIgniter application has a search engine, and I want to add conditions to the results. Some of the code that are in the Models:



function getUsers($conditions=array())
    //Check For Conditions
    if (is_array($conditions) and count($conditions)>0)     

On The controller I have:

$users = $this->search_model->getUsers(NULL)

How can I change NULL into a condition that request for users with the same country_symbol as the $this->loggedInUser->country_symbol?

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You could modify your function like this:

function getUsers($conditions = array())
    if (is_array($conditions) && count($conditions) > 0) {
        foreach ($conditions as $condition) {
            $this->db->where($condition['where'], $condition['value']);

    // return results...

And then you could do this:

$conditions = array(
    array('where' => 'country_symbol =', 'value' => $this->loggedInUser->country_symbol),
    array('where' => 'zip_code', 'value' => '12345'),
    // and so on...

$users = $this->search_model->getUsers($conditions);

I haven't tested this code but that's the basic idea. You'll need to loop through the conditions array and apply each condition with $this->db->where() or a similar function.

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