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When Business Objects Infoview is accessed via IE8, the Images are not displayed within the Reports (red-X appears in its place). This issue is occurring when the Business Objects is accessed through Our internal network (including when connected to VPN). The images are displayed when the reports are accessed outside our network.

Environment Details

SAP Business Objects XI 3.1 SP4 
Windows Server 2008 R2 
Internet Explorer 8.

this is happening only on IE8. I've tried to access the images and charts outside the network on IE8 and they display fine.

We are also seeing the following errors in the log:

Is there some specific setting in IE8 that I would need to tweak to make this work?

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1 Answer

This sounds like the images are not available on the internal network. I would verify that the image can be accessed with out the Business Objects wrapper.

If you get the properties for the red X and see what the URL is that should help you pin point the root issue.

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