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I have this Regexp:


I use this regexp in preg_replace. And this markup:

{# comment %}

{# comment number 2$% %}

{% variable %}

{% array.key1.key2 %}

{% array.key1.key2|escape|bold %}

{% variable|escape %}

{% loop array as item %}
    My item is {% item.text %}
{% endloop %}

{% if (something): %}
    do something truly
{% else: %}
    nothing to do
{% endif; %}

Why this regexp is not working for {% item.text %} but works with other? I think that I made some mistake here [^else|endloop|endif]

What I'm doing wrong?

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In my regex tester it's matched items 3 to 6. Any improvement if you used '/\\{%\\s([^else|endloop|endif][a-z0-9\\.\\|_]+)\\s%\\}/si' –  Scuzzy Sep 15 '11 at 22:32
Try this - functions-online.com/preg_replace.html and set $replacement to $1 –  Mirgorod Sep 15 '11 at 22:33

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I think you may intend:


The square brackets previously containing the else, endloop and endif keywords treats each individual character as an exception. Here they are treated as whole strings.

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