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I am trying to add aspectj to a maven project using java 6.0. Using 1.4 version of aspectj-maven-plugin and 1.6.11 version of aspectj.

The classes are in an external dependency jar and here is the pom:

        <!-- Needs to run before the regular javac compile phase -->

The aspects seem to be applied fine during build time: Here is a sample:

[INFO] --- aspectj-maven-plugin:1.4:compile (default) @ test ---
[INFO] Extending interface set for type 'test.pkg1.pkg2.PaymentEnquiry' (PaymentE to include 'test.pkg1.pkg2.aj.AdditionalPaymentEnquiryMethods'    

But then during runtime, I get the following error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:

Any idea as why this might be happening would be most helpful.

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Where are the modified class files ending up? Are you sure you're including those instead of the un-enhanced ones on the classpath when you run the code? – Dave Newton Sep 16 '11 at 1:55

The most obvious reason is that there is no method with the signature

void setDetails(List)

on test.pkg1.pkg2.Payment. It doesn't seem much like an AspectJ problem--more of a wrong-code-on-the-runtime-classpath problem.

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