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I have the following function defined in .bash_aliases

findphp () {
    find -name '*.php' -exec grep -H  --color "$@" "{}" \;

It allows me to run something like findphp 'function x' to find all references to function x in php files

Now I want to pass the file type to search, example js, css, ctp as a parameter in bash

I defined the follwing function and sourced .bash_aliases

myfind () {
    find -name '*.$1' -exec grep -H  --color "$2" "{}" \;

But it's not working, I tried single quotes, double quotes around the positional parameters with no avail.

How could I define a function that takes the file extension and search string as arguments from the command line?

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Single quotes prevent variable expansion. Use "*.$1"

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Try this:

findphp () {
    find . -name "*.$1" -exec grep -H --color "${@:2}" "{}" \;


findphp () {
    find . -name "*.$1" -print0 | xargs -0 grep -H --color "${@:2}"

if you want the filenames too

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