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In the Admin Panel of Magento under the Manage Categories, I have the following:

Accessories (main heading) Handbags Swimwear Jewellery All Accessories

However, I would like the order to be:

Accessories All Accessories Handbags Jewellery Swimwear

How do I change the order?


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why don't you accept at least one answer or give input. –  tom Sep 17 '11 at 14:45

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Depending on whether you are talking about root or subcategories here. Subcategories is easy.

  1. Click Catalog > Manage Categories
  2. Click and drag up or down on the sub categories (ones below the main category) to arrange in correct order.
  3. Almost most importantly - save it :).

You will need to some coding to get the root categories to adjust positions. I don't know what you are using for navigation menus, but would it be possible to use sub categories for those?

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