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I've a big problem. I'm using a input with a datepicker. The datepicker is set to select only date in the calendar witch are after the current day. But the user can write any date in the input.

There is a way to limit that with the DatePicker control or I've to create this myself?

Thank you.

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I don't see a built in tool, but parseDate utility included with the plugin should make implementing this pretty easy. The real question is, what should happen if they enter an invalid date? –  fncomp Sep 15 '11 at 23:27

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The minDate and maxDate methods also count for the input String. Since it is never 100% reliable (focus-changes/non-js) and better style, you should use some kind of validation before accepting the date nevertheless.

more info: http://jqueryui.com/demos/datepicker/

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You can bind to the keystroke so everytime they input a number, it get backspaced.


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My problem is: if the minDate is set to 09/15/2011, users can write 09/13/2011 in the field :( –  FRO Sep 16 '11 at 3:19
yeah, check my example, if they type a number it will get backspaced. –  wesbos Sep 16 '11 at 3:37

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