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I want to deploy a Web Site Project (as opposed to a Web Application Project) from Visual Studio using web deploy so I can deploy to the Windows Azure Accelerator for Web Roles.

However, it appears there is no way to perform a web deploy for ASP.net Web Site Projects. Does anyone know how to deploy Web Site Projects in Visual Studio via Web Deploy?


  • I have done a successful deployment with a ASP.net Web Application Project (not ASP.net Website Project). Examples steps here.
  • WebMatrix allows deployment through WebDeploy for the ASP.net Web Pages, but I am having separate issues with it, and I would rather work and deploy from Visual Studio.
  • I am using the ASP.net Web Pages framework. (You can start a Web Pages project in Visual Studio by clicking File > New Web Site > "ASP.NET Web Site (Razor)"
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I believe you can get that with Web Deployment Projects for VS2010. VS currently does not natively support Web Site Project deployment via WebDeploy.

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