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In nginx.conf.

After set a variable by set $name value, i can reference it like $name,

But when I export an OS Environment Variable by env name_from_env, like http://wiki.nginx.org/CoreModule#env said, and i am sure the name_from_env is valid which defined form nginx's parent process.

But, my friends, how to reference it ? $name_from_env or ${name_from_env} or %name_from_env% didn't work what I've tried before.

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or any solutiones like gcc's -D option, just pass variables to nginx.conf –  caoxingk Sep 16 '11 at 2:42
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It should be $name_from_env, just like any other Nginx variable.

Note that env can only be used in the main part of your config, not http, server or location blocks.

I'm guessing that env isn't really what you need in any case. If you are trying to pass variables down to your application, you should use proxy_param or fastcgi_param (depending on how you are talking to your upstream):

fastcgi_param MYVAR foo;
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Great, but how do you go from system environment variable, to configuration file, to the upstream server? –  fideloper Mar 16 at 20:11
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