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I want to use a QR code to uniquely identify a particular place, so at this place you scan the QR code and the app knows where you have been.

I want to ensure that a user can't re-create this QR code and 'cheat' by 'checking-in' at a particular place multiple times by generating a copy of the QR code (using an API or whatever).

Is this possible with QR codes?

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Unless you can create a new one each time and keep track of its use then no, a person could take a picture of the qr code and then post it and someone could scan the copy with their phone or device. Maybe if you asked for gps coordinates to be sent as well, but then there is nothing to stop them from spoofing the gps along with the image.

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Here's how I'd do it.

Create a QR code pointing to http://example.com/place1

When the user scans the code, they get taken to a website.

Then, use JavaScript to get the GPS location of where they currently are.

Get them to submit a web form which sends their location to your service.

Sample JavaScript

navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(geoSuccess, geoStatus , { enableHighAccuracy: true });
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