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I want to use a third-party library, for which I have the source code, in my GWT project.

Right now, it's failing with the well-known "No source code is available for type...; did you forget to inherit a required module" message. I understand that error to be caused by the dependence of the third-party library on a class/method that is not emulated by GWT.

I'm in a pickle because the GWT compiler does not inform me which class/method in the third-party library is causing it to barf. I kind of expected that a lint-like tool for finding unsupported Java constructs would be included in Google's GWT downloads, but I can't find it.

Any suggestions?

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In general, if the library doesn't specify to be GWT-compliant, I wouldn't use it. GWT has some black holes that make sense, because the browser is totally different compared to the JVM.

I don't know of any tool to check which class is not GWT-compliant, but I think that you could do it using JDepend. The idea is to run JDepend specifying the classes that can be used: the emulated JRE classes plus other GWT libraries that you use.

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if the code does not depend on incompatible classes, you could just write your own .gwt.xml file for the library and inherit from that too in your own .gwt.xml file.

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