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i have multiple repositories in my project for different entities and each has it's own datacontext (which comes from a base class for my repositories).

In my service layer, there are many times that the business logic requires me to add/edit objects in multiple repositories (hence inturn using different DataContext).

So when i end up doing .SaveContext on multiple repositories. Which seems like a bad thing to do as ideally i should be able to hit Save on one context and one ado.net call to the DB should perform all the tasks.

What am i doing wrong here?


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You need to look at using the Unit of Work pattern with your repositories, as it allows your multiple repositories to take part in a single logical transaction.

there are plenty of blog posts around the net about how to do this, including;

Also here is a good tutorial walking through using MVC and EF with a Unit of Work + Repository pattern.

As here is a nice diagram explaining how it works;

enter image description here

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Sweet .. thanks for so many awesome examples. I didnt know the name of the pattern and was exactly what was missing from my architecture. Now that i implemented it in one sitting of 4 hours straight.. It is clean as a whistle and much faster! –  MoXplod Sep 16 '11 at 18:04

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