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I have a Rails ActiveRecord model that I want to return decorated results when I perform a query using my_method, but only once the query has executed and returned results.

In other words:


Will return an ActiveRelation. My method my_method does not disturb the chaining of queries as long as the results are lazy loaded.


Will return MyDecoratedResult.

One way I could do this would be to have my_method do the decoration upon call, and intelligently forward subsequent requests to it's contents (the ActiveRelation). I don't mind this way, but would prefer a technique that requires less intelligence.

Would like to hear some ideas about other ways to achieve my goal. Other than the way I've mentioned, I can only think to extend ActiveRelation.

Thanks! Max

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The proper way would be to use scopes (guides.rubyonrails.org/active_record_querying.html#scopes), or indeed having my_method the ActiveRecord::Relation instance. Without knowing what my_method does, any advice here is moot, though. Replying mainly for the sake of Google searches. –  karmi Nov 8 '13 at 10:42

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You should use helpers! app/helpers/controller_name_helper.rb

module ControlletNameHelper
  def your_method(record)

then in views

@your_model_records.each do |mr|

something like that

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I won't do that because it is an extra, unnecessary call for a user of MyModel to make. Whenever a user of MyModel calls my_method, the decoration will take place. The issue I am confronting is the timing of when to decorate. I want the decoration to be lazy-loaded, so to speak, along with the result set. –  maxenglander Sep 16 '11 at 13:13
it will be lazy-loaded. you should read more about MVC and helpers in rails –  antonversal Sep 16 '11 at 13:42
I see: I misunderstood your original intention. Yes, this would allow decoration to occur at the appropriate time. However, I want my_method to be a public class method on MyModel. Right now I can't come up with an argument for why it should be a public class method rather than a help method - it's just a preference. Going to think about this a little more, and accept your answer I don't come up with anything. –  maxenglander Sep 16 '11 at 13:56

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