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This is an example of what I want to do:

I have a CSV file:



Data are paired, i.e. there are alternating values x,y,x,y….

I want to take this input and make a 2d matrix where the matrix value is m = x–y. Output should be in CSV format with triples x,y,m,x,y,m,…. Any help is appreciated.

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The solution by @VladimirPerković had the right idea. Let me just fix some minor issues:

%# read CSV file
data = csvread('file.csv');
[r c] = size(data);

%# create output matrix
out = zeros(r,c/2*3);
out(:,1:3:end) = data(:,1:2:end);
out(:,2:3:end) = data(:,2:2:end);
out(:,3:3:end) = data(:,1:2:end) - data(:,2:2:end)

%# save as CSV file
csvwrite('out.csv', out)

The output file created:

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This is not a problem:

data = importdata('file.csv');
x = data(1:2:end); //number in the middle means you take every second sample
y = data(2:2:end);
m = x - y;

Now the output:

output_data = [x;y;m];
output_data = output_data(:);
csvwrite ('output.csv' , output_data);
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Thanks. but I wanted odd column for x and even column for y. This code doesnt do this. –  user523542 Sep 16 '11 at 18:49
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