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Some that I am aware of are vhector and clj-hector. Actively-maintained libraries preferred. Thanks.

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I don't have first-hand knowledge, but here's a list of Cassandra Clojure libs, sorted by number of GitHub watchers:


It also shows when they were last updated. "Actively maintained" can be difficult to gauge. A lib might have an active maintainer even if it hasn't been updated in a long time. The lib may just be sufficiently-featured and bug-free.

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I am using alia for this clojure-news-feed and sustaining 20000 inserts per minute with latencies of 8 ms for the mode and 47 ms for the 95 percentile. This is CQL 3.

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Cool stuff! Glad to hear it's working for you. –  mpenet Jun 2 at 11:57

You might find it easiest to use the Java libraries for Cassandra directly, at least until the Clojure wrappers become more mature.

In general I've found it very easy to use Java libraries directly from Clojure using the various Java interop features that Clojure provides.

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an update since now cassandra offers cql support:

https://github.com/mpenet/alia is a good choice, it relies on the "official" java-driver from Datastax (using the new native protocol introduced in cassandra 1.2).

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There's also Clojurewerkz Cassaforte: http://github.com/clojurewerkz/cassaforte 1.2+ ready library

Here's a getting started guide: http://clojurecassandra.info/articles/getting_started.html

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