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I have the following function in my model

function abc_list(){

        global $mainframe;

        $db      =& JFactory::getDBO();

            echo '<ul><li class="all"><a class="ajax_all" href="#"/> alle </a></li>';     

                foreach(range('a','z') as $i):{

                                    $query = "SELECT * FROM #__glossary WHERE tterm  LIKE '$i%' AND published = 1";

                                    $db->setQuery( $query );

                                    $css .= '<li class = "searchAbc">';

                                    $rows = $db->loadObjectList();

                                    if ($rows){

                                    $css .= '<a class="button" href="\''.$i.'" value="'.$i.'"/>'.$i.'</a>';}

                                    else {

                                    $css .= $i;    


                                    $css .='</li> </ul>';


                                    return $css;


and I would like out up in my view, but because of some reasons doesn't really works.

I was trying this in the following way

$abc          = $this->get('abc_list');

in this case the $abc variable seems to be empty.

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Try this :

$model      = $this->getModel();
$abc = $model->abc_list();
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seems to be okay just at the end of my outputted string I have a null message as well, but maybe this one is an xdebug message –  deroccha Sep 16 '11 at 6:42
Thanks, very much! –  BradM Sep 20 '14 at 20:38

you should have get prefixed to your funstion name than only that will work. ex. getabc_list. better you name it like this getAbcList and call $this->get('AbcList')

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To Access a different model, use:

$model = JModel::getInstance('MODEL_NAME', 'COMPONENTNAME');        
$items= $model->getItems();
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