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reading XML from asp file and taking the response into javascript variable, we are getting XML with line breaks. below is the code iam using.

var s = <% response.write getDefaultProductArea().xml %>;


 var s = <productarea>
<logo width="130" height="34">/multishell_cb/images/products/onesite.png</logo>

but we need the XML value in single line as shown below.

var s = ' <productarea> <name>OneSite</name><logo width="130" height="34">/multishell_cb/images/products/onesite.png</logo><tabset>onesite.xml</tabset><actionbar>defaultOnesite.xml</actionbar><show-if/><default-if>default</default-if></productarea>';

Please suggest...

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Why you need XML in single line? What is difference? And it's not answer, but why do not use ASP.NET? –  Andrew D. Sep 16 '11 at 7:14

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var s = '<% response.write Replace(getDefaultProductArea().xml, vbCrLf, "") %>';
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Thanks for your Quick response. Its working fine.., –  nivas Sep 16 '11 at 7:18

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