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How can I pass a string verbatim from autoconf.ac to automake.am.

Example, in autoconf.ac, I'd like to give MYPATH = "-I$MYENVPATH -I$SOMEOTHERPATH"

and subsequently, get MYPATH excactly as I gave, inside automake.am

AC_SUBST is trying to deference and cause issues.

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Could you show exactly what you wrote in configure.ac and describe precisely what the issues caused by AC_SUBST are? –  adl Sep 18 '11 at 10:34

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To prevent the shell from evaluating variables inside strings (if that is whay you meant by "AC_SUBST is trying to dereference"), use simple quotes:


This should output the following line in Makefile:


However this does not make a lot of sense to me: make needs variable names to be enclosed in braces or parentheses (when their name has more than one letter). Probably what you really want is something like:

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He may need the $ escaped, as well: AC_SUBST([MYPATH], ['-I$$MYENVPATH -I$$SOMEOTHERPATH']) –  Jack Kelly Sep 30 '11 at 8:26

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