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I find that when a BroadcastReceiver starts a Service in onReceive() method, the return of onReceive() will happen before the onCreate() of the Service being invoked. Why does this happen in this order?

The example code is below: BroradcastReceiver's onReceive() method:

public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) {
    Log.i("=====Receiver=======","===== onReceive starts====");  // (1)                    
    intent.setClass(context, AService.class);
    Log.i("=====Receiver=======","===== onReceive ends====");    // (2)

Service's onCreate() method:

public void onCreate(){                      
    Log.i("=======Service========", "========OnCreate()=== ");  //(3)            
    // some logic here                

The log order is (1)(2)(3),not (1)(3)(2).

Could anybody help explain it?

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The service has its own thread, so I would guess it doesn't get to run until the thread executing onReceive yields. It could also be that startService posts an intent, but again it doesn't get handled until onReceive returns. I don't know the actual implementation, but I do know that startService is an asynchronous call, so you shouldn't be depending on the order of execution rrlated to onReceive.

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Thanks for your reply.And I think posting an intent is more reasonable than "service has its own thread". Because I find that no new thread created when the service starts. But I am not certain about the details of startService(). Thanks again anyway. –  Harry Sep 16 '11 at 9:23

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