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I want to color my mobile phone application with a background color like Facebook's blue background color. So what is the hexadecimal code of it ?

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i think there are browser plugins that can compute that number for any king of color – Dan Bizdadea Sep 16 '11 at 8:42

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The colour of the main blue banner is #3b5999, and the lighter blue colour used for the backgrounds of comments is #eeeff4. A way to figure this stuff out is grab a screenshot and open it in image editing software that has a colour picker tool (e.g GIMP)

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Taking a screen shot often uses a different color profile then you expect depending on how you have things setup. Watch out. – sheriffderek Oct 7 '13 at 20:48
The main blue color used by Facebook, is quite dull in color. I've noticed people adding a hint bit more color to it, for example, Aol uses #3b579d for sharing widgets. Although, as a background, you might be fine with a duller color. – timofey Dec 12 '14 at 7:32
The one answer marked correct is wrong. See other answers below. – Richard B Jun 4 at 12:39

You can also use firebug, for firefox and it can show you the css attached to any element with the inspect tool.

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"Go and take a look yourself". Useful advice, +1. – Piskvor Sep 16 '11 at 8:50

Look at here:

Colors are:

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the blue color used by facebook:


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The color of facebook's background is #3b5998;

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As others have said, its #3B5998. In case it's useful, colpick color picker has a list of the colors of several brands and lets you pick variants of them.

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I think you need the following link... Customize your color on your way... be colorfull :)

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I know an answer has already been accepted. But for the sakes of other visitors, I believe the best authority on this issue is Facebook!! According to them, the official background colour is #3b5998. I quote here from : "If you use a color, make sure it's the official Facebook blue; 3b5998. Otherwise stick with black and white. Color is one of the best ways for people to recognize something quickly."

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