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How to delete an element from an array in php, where the array consists of objects and I don't know index of object that must be deleted?

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Roll a die. Seriously, what do you know about the object that must be deleted? –  Jon Sep 16 '11 at 8:55

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First find the index of your object (by iterating over the array - or binary searching), and then unset the array at that index.

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You have to identify in some way your object.

Use a foreach to traverse your array without knowing your key and remove your object if you can match it in some way.

foreach($arr as &$val){
    if($val == ...){ //whatever test you need to inditify your obj
unset($val); // unset it again cause is a reference to your last traversed value
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You can use this to see if an object is in an array.

function inArray($myObject, $array)

  foreach($array as $object)
      if($myObject === $$object)
          return true;

  return false;


You can transform this function how you like. This is basic knowledge.. I would recommend you to readup on some programming principles.

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