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Though I'm grateful for the built-in interactive graphs in APEX I'm unsure it allows what I need.

Let's say I have a graph with 2 metrics, the built-in charting flash shows the current value for each one when I hover over one of them.

Is there a way to show both values in a statically positioned box as I hover through the x-axis independent of the y-axis?

(Either check http://www.amcharts.com/line/ or the upper left corner of a google finance graph like http://www.google.com/finance?q=AAPL to have an idea)

Do I have to integrate it with an external solution like open-flash-chart, amcharts or Google Chart Tools?

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I'm probably going to follow George Triantafyllidis instructions to build something like (just not for stocks) apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=354:3:4334166310589134::::: –  Joao Figueiredo Sep 19 '11 at 9:31

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