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I have a logo image in SVG format and I am wondering if theres a way to generate multiple different sized png files.

Eg, I set 20 different width and height and it generates 20 PNG files. It okay if I have to do it 5 images at a time.

I have illustrator installed and cant figure out how to do this on it.

Thanks for all of your help!

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I don't know about Illustrator, but this should be easy using the Inkscape command line options. For example, using Ruby:

$ ruby -e '[10,100,200].each { |x| `inkscape --export-png logo#{x}.png -w #{x} logo.svg` }'
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Yes that would work, I found out there was no way of doing it with Illustrator which disappoints me so I had to do it manually. –  Mohammad Sep 17 '11 at 4:55
That freaks me out... Using cmd line ruby to call a cmd line program 3 times... Is there a name for that craziness? –  Tony R Jan 26 '12 at 2:54

The accepted answer is fine. There is an official help on options available. Also basic Shell commands will do nicely here:

for x in 10 100 200 ; do inkscape --export-png logo${x}.png -w ${x} logo.svg ; done
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For people needing only to convert one file, here's an easier copy paste: inkscape --export-png icon.png -w 128 logo.svg –  k0pernikus Jun 21 '13 at 7:39
For people on the command line in windows use this one for %x in (100 200 300) ; do inkscape --export-png logo%x.png -w %x logo.svg ; done –  avalancha Mar 16 at 14:02
@avalancha love it, yours should be an answer in it's own right –  Alveoli May 5 at 8:51
oh thank you, much appreciated :) but the credit for the idea belongs to @zany, no need to split I think –  avalancha May 6 at 8:22

Here's how to make it much faster (3x for me for just 5 exports on an SSD) by launching Inkscape just once, and how to export the images to different directories (as Android uses):

# Converts the Inkscape icon file ic_launcher_web.svg to the launcher web & app png files.

PROJECT="My Project Name"

inkscape --shell <<COMMANDS
  --export-png "${MAIN}ic_launcher-web.png"         -w 512 "${INPUT}"
  --export-png "${DRAWABLE}-mdpi/ic_launcher.png"   -w  48 "${INPUT}"
  --export-png "${DRAWABLE}-hdpi/ic_launcher.png"   -w  72 "${INPUT}"
  --export-png "${DRAWABLE}-xhdpi/ic_launcher.png"  -w  96 "${INPUT}"
  --export-png "${DRAWABLE}-xxhdpi/ic_launcher.png" -w 144 "${INPUT}"

This is a bash shell script. On Windows you can run it in MINGW32 (e.g. GitHub's Git Shell) or convert it to a Windows DOS shell script. (For a DOS script, you'll have to change the "here document" COMMANDS into something DOS can handle. See heredoc for Windows batch? for techniques such as echoing multiple lines of text to a temp file.)

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Take a look at inkmake. I actually made that tool just for batch exporting SVG files to PNG etc in different sizes. It was design because I wanted to save in Inkscape and then just run inkmake in a terminal and it will export all depending PNG files.

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