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In Rails Console, I am seeing output like:

<AmazonProduct::Response:0x00000102dd9070 @body=\"<?xml version=\\\"1.0\\\" ?><ItemSearchResponse xmlns=\\\"\\\"><OperationRequest><HTTPHeaders><Header Name=\\\"UserAgent\\\" Value=\\\"Ruby\\\"></Header></HTTPHeaders><RequestId>13a86d54-dc7c-4ee1-afc2-26bdeadfd914</RequestId><Arguments><Argument Name=\\\"Operation\\\" Value=\\\"ItemSearch\\\"></Argument><Argument Name=\\\"Service\\\" Value=\\\"AWSECommerceService\\\"></Argument> etc etc

Is there a gem that will automatically nest it all nicely, like this:

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I guess nokogiri can do the trick. Look at this article

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