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Is it possible to bind javascript events to a shared fan item of someone's wall?

How can I add an event to my facebook profile page such that when I share a fanpage and I click on its image, the event is triggered?

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You can create a userscript.

Google it, you will find a lots of example.

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As I already commented your other question, there is no possibility to do this. THIS IS CALLED XSS!

I'm sure that since the Samy Worm no plattform will allow something like this.

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I was checking the blingee application on facebook.Once shared and once clicked an event is triggered which plays the music..Ref apps.facebook.com/blingee/postcards.....I need to do something sililar.How do I proceed? –  Vimal Basdeo Sep 19 '11 at 12:00

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